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Corinne Berger


My name is Corinne and I am the founder of laloa. In early 2019, a break-up, my sick granny and some lows in my professional life had me create my own jewellery. In the beginning, I focused on Makramee bracelets. All my friends got one – whether they wanted or not.

When the days got longer and the sunrays warmer, I started looking for a sunglasses lace of which I had a very clear picture in mind. No wonder, I couldn't find one that met my requirements, so I decided to create one on my own. I published this Frankensteinish-looking model in an Instagram story and, to my surprise, requests started coming in. Not only from friends, but also from friends of friends and from people I didn't even know. One thing led to another and eventually, laloa was born and is now a Zurich-based local business where everything is handmade with love.

When I am not sitting at my kitchen table – where all new designs and models find their origin - I work as Head of Communications at a MedTech startup, aiming at sustainably changing people's eating habits.

Due to my job and since laloa has started so organically, I am slowly but steadily working on scaling my small business. Since October 2020, the Zurich-based foundation Stiftung enzian has taken over the biggest part of the laloa production, which makes me incredibly proud and happy. Thus, with every laloa you purchase, you directly support a person's reintegration into work life.

Love, Corinne